Angler's paradise

There is plenty of space for fishing in Lomaseutu: the 576 lakes in the area offer versatile fishing opportunities for different fishing methods. There are a number of large lakes, including Lakes Keitele, Kivijärvi and Kolima. The lakes are connected by internationally well-known fishing rapids, including Huopanankoski, Keihärinkoski and the rapids along the Kolima-Keitele route. The lakes vary from the crystal clear large lakes to the small dark-water wilderness ponds.

The most sought-after fish are the freshwater brown trout, which can be found in the area’s rapids and special fishing lakes, as well as by trolling in the large lakes in the area. The zander population is very good and particularly strong in Lake Kivijärvi, where in one trolling competition the total catch was over 1000 kg of zander. Fishermen also catch large perch in the area on a regular basis; for example, Lake Keitele's Suovanselkä open waters are known as an excellent place to catch them. The pike population is also strong in almost every lake.

Most cottages provide a rowing boat for their guests, which makes it easy for holiday-makers to reach the near-by fishing waters. There is also an extensive network of boat ramps in the region for launching your own boat. You can also hire boats and canoes. There are a number of local outdoor stores for your fishing gear purchases. And why not hire a local fishing guide to maximise your fisherman's luck.

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