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Salamajärvi National Park

Expedition routes, hiking opportunities

Expedition routes and trails:
There are 60 kilometres of marked trails in Salamajärvi National Park. The easiest way to reach the routes is to head to Koirasalmi Nature Information Hut.

Nature trails:
The children's nature trail is a 1.5-km circular route, which visits Hepolampi. The nature trail introduces the hikers to the different characteristics of the national park: its bogs and forests, the habitats of fairies and goblins as well as the many insects in the forest ponds. The trail starts from the Sysilampi hut.

The signposts along the 4.5-km Pakosuon kierros circular route point out the creatures living in the area and its flora and fauna and tell about the forests and bogs in Salamajärvi National Park. The trail starts from the Sysilampi hut.

Circular routes:
The Vasan kierros trail, 2.3 km, around Lake Pieni Koirajärvi.

The Pahapuron lenkki trail, 5.9 km, begins at Koirasalmi and goes south along the lakeshore towards the Salamanperä Strict Nature Reserve.
Sights: The ruins of a cabin with an open stone stove and a tar pit at Joutsenlamminkangas; the peat land meadow barn by Pahapuro brook; old pine trees with fire scars by Lake Kangasjärvi. Along the trail leading to Risuperä, you can find church stones which provided a resting place along an old church route.

Metsäperäläisen Taival trail, 6.2 km, around Lake Iso Koirajärvi.
Sights: Remains of old tar pits on the west side of Lake Koirajärvi and cabin ruins in Pahkahongankangas.

The Vaatimen Kierros trail, 18 km, follows the route Koirasalmi - Heikinjärvi - Pyydyskoski - Ahvenlampi – Koirasalmi. This popular circular route starts from the Koirasalmi Nature Information Hut and includes a number of resting places along the trail. The mire sections have duckboards for walking on and a rocky path guides you through the heaths.
Sights: The impressive scree fields along the trail; the ruins of an old logger’s cabin, and the old floating dam at Pyydyskoski.

Hirvaan kierros trail, 58 km.

Other routes:
Peura Trail, trunk route, 77 km.
The Lapin Sormi wilderness trail, from Kinnula’s town centre to Ahvenlampi, includes approximately 10 km of maintained trail.

Nature observation towers, bird watching:
The nature observation tower next to Heikinjärvenneva is an excellent spot for watching birds on the mire. Using binoculars or a telescope, you can see waders, cranes, Whooper Swans and Bean Geese.

Meadow sauna at Kaulus
When you step in through the door of this old meadow sauna, you can still sense the cosy smell of smoke in the cabin. The cabin was heated with a stone stove, and haymakers could sleep on the bunks overnight. The Kaulus meadow sauna is a protected building.

Tar pits
Four hundred years ago, the Salamajärvi area was well-known for its large-scale tar manufacture. Today, the tar pits are only dips in the landscape. At times, we may still find an old cabin’s stone fireplace and remains of timber walls near the tar pits. The tar pits are marked on terrain maps.

Cross-country skiing, wilderness ski touring:

During the winter, the national park’s open bogs provide a pleasant setting for skiing, because of the low number of trees; although, that also means that there is no protection from the wind. There are no maintained cross-country skiing tracks in the national park; skiers cut their own tracks into the unbeaten snow. Salamajärvi National Park and the area around the Peura Trail offer an ideal setting for longer skiing trips over several days, where the nights are spent in tents, lean-tos, huts and rental cabins.

The recreational fishing area of the Koirajärvet lakes.
The beautiful lakes, with their rocky shores and many islands, attract fishermen to try their luck here. Nowadays, trout, whitefish and grayling are planted in Lakes Iso Koirajärvi and Pieni Koirajärvi. Fishing licences and rental boats are available at the Koirasalmi Nature Information Hut.

Berry picking:

Cloudberries and cranberries grow on the open bogs of the national park, whilst blueberries and lingonberries can be picked on the heaths.

Additional Information

Options for stopping overnight
Camping, rental cabins and huts:
You can camp in the national park in Koirasalmi, Pyydyskoski, Sysilampi and Pitkälahti. The Sysilampi rental cottage accommodates 2 people, the Sysilampi hut 4 people and the Pitkälahti hut 2 people.

The Koirasalmi Nature Information Hut also has a number of rooms of different sizes for rent

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