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M-Tarinat Ky

We welcome you on one of our hikes or longer hiking treks organised in English by our wilderness guide and certified translator, Pentti Ruotsalainen.

We could trek along the longest continuous hiking trek in Southern and Central Finland, the Peura Trail (over 115 km long); make shorter hikes of a couple of hours to half a day around Pihtipudas, or even head to the fells in Urho Kekkonen National Park in Eastern Lapland using Saariselkä or Suomen Latu’s Kiilopää Fell Centre as our base.

In Pihtipudas, we have prepared a 2.5-kilometre round trip along the Heinäjoki nature trail, located near the village, which will take about 2 hours in total with a break at a campfire, and another 4-hour expedition to the hunters’ holy site, a 10,000-year-old seal hunting base.

Nature expeditions and hikes in English, Finnish, Swedish or German now cost less than half the normal price, i.e. only € 9.50 per hour, until the duckboards at Peura Trail are improved in 2017! That means that e.g. for  a  group of five, the charge is less than € 2 per hour per hiker!  If car transport is needed, the charge per kilometre is only € 0.30 !

We also provide interpretation and translation services.

On our expedition to the hunters' holy site, we will also see a 4-metre-high stone (Imarrekivi, pictured below) which is very likely to have been a place of worship in ancient times.

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M-Tarinat Ky
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