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Kymönkoski rapids

The Kymönkoski rapids in the middle of the village of the same name in Viitasaari offer a chance to fish in a village setting.

The Kymönkoski rapids are the last rapids along the Kolima-Keitele route. These rapids are short and fast flowing. The start of the rapids is seen as one of the best places in Central Finland for dry fly fishing. In the centre of the rapids, the water is foamy and fast flowing, and at the bottom, there are areas of strong current.

The rapids provide an excellent opportunity for catching anadromous trout, since they come from Keitele open waters and reach the Kymönkoski rapids first. Trout, which are a suitable size for catching, are also planted in the river to improve the chances for a catch. Just as Keihärinkoski and Huopanankoski, the Kymönkoski rapids are where stoneflies hatch around the end of March or early April making it the place to be for fishermen.

Kymönkoski is also an excellent place for a longer visit, since it also offers good canoeing opportunities almost all year round. Erävaris organises guided canoeing trips.  Near the village, you can also find the Karoliinan portaat natural stairs, which Karoliina Raatikainen used to walk up in the 19th century to get to her own cottage.

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Kymönkoski rapids
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