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Lake Kolima

At its deepest, it is 66 metres deep, reaching that depth, for example, in Houni bowl. The conditions are excellent for brown trout and landlocked salmon to thrive. Thanks to plantations, the lake has a fairly abundant fish population. Large open waters broken by very few islands and rocky areas are typical for Lake Kolima. You can launch your boat at Ilosjoki and Kärväskylä.

Lake Kolima is part of the Pihtipudas fishing district’s joint licence area, which also covers the following lakes: Alvajärvi, Muurasjärvi, Saanijärvi and Elämäjärvi. Lake Kolima is the largest lake in the district; the second largest is Lake Alvajärvi. The latter is a fairly shallow and long lake which has one large open water area. The Lake Alvajärvi water is browner than in Lake Kolima, and the lake is lusher too, which is why the main fish in it are zander and pike. You can launch your boat into Lake Alvajärvi from two places in the Pihtipudas village.

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