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Kivimäki Hiking Trail

The Kivimäen kierros is a five-kilometre nature trail located next to the bike track running from the Pihtipudas centre to Rillankivi. The route has been marked along the trail. On top of Kivimäki hill, you will find the Kivimäki observation tower, a lean-to and a camp-fire pit. The observation tower provides an open forest view over Lake Kolima. The Lepuusuo mire nearby was once a historical church road from Kanalanmäki to Harmaalanranta. Corpses used to be transported across the mire to Harmaalanranta and from there to Pihtipudas Church.

It is said that funeral processions used to stop for a rest at Leppuukivi rock at Lepuusuo. The corpse was placed on the rock to rest. The members of the procession then had a drink there before continuing their journey. A lot of knowledge remains in the northern Central Finland area about how corpses were transported and the tradition of marking trees to commemorate the dead. In Kivimäki, next to the lean-to, there is a lonely pine tree with an amusing example of the late form of the tradition of marking trees for commemoration: a tree marked to commemorate an elk that was killed there. The event took place in 1919, when an elk, which was then a rare animal to find, was killed at that spot. The year and the hunters' initials were carved on the pine tree.

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Kivimäki Hiking Trail


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