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Lake Kivijärvi

It is almost 50 km long and 9 km wide at its widest point. The lake gets its name (rock lake) from its rocky shores. However, the open waters are wide and deep and ranges of rocks are rare. The lake has boat routes marked with spar-buoys; by following those, there is no danger of scraping your boat. A depth finder may also help you to navigate around the lake on your fishing trips.

The northern part of Lake Kivijärvi, near Kinnula, is an excellent place for catching pike and zander. The plentiful catch in Kinnula’s annual zander trolling competition tells a lot about the vibrant zander population in Lake Kivijärvi. The most southern points and the lake's clearest and deepest open waters are said to offer a good trout catch, whilst pike hides in the bays. You can launch your own boat in the Kinnula boat harbour or, for example, in Saarenkylä.

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Lake Kivijärvi



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