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Lake Keitele

The clear waters of Pohjois-Keitele include the fishing area around the town of Viitasaari, whilst the so-called Ylä-Keitele is formed by the deep Pihkuri and Paanalanselkä pool almost free of any islands. Pihkuri open waters are currently rich in vendace, and trout naturally feel at home wherever there are vendace. Bays and narrow passages are ideal for catching pike.

Northern Lake Keitele, to the east of Viitasaari, particularly around Suovanlahti, is an excellent spot for catching pike. Around the open waters, there are many rocky areas which are rich in fish, including trout. There are many harbours and resting places with lean-tos around this area and a number of places where you can launch your boat.

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Lake Keitele



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