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Keihärinkoski rapids

The most popular catch of Keihärinkoski rapids is lake trout. The rapids are the last ones between Kivijärvi and Keitele and are wide but fairly low in drop. Lake trout catching used to be based entirely on the natural population but to ensure a catch it has been boosted by planting. Grayling, which has been planted in the river since the start of this decade, is also one of the catches from Keihärinkoski rapids in Viitasaari.

The fast-flowing Keihärinkoski rapids are well-suited to fly fishing. The rapids start off as shallow flow and then quickly calm down into a pool.  Halfway through, a section comprehending the mid and low rapids starts. The rapids have been maintained for the fishing industry, and the fishers' enjoyment has also been taken into account. Keihärinkoski rapids are particularly popular among fly fishers particularly in early April when stoneflies hatch and trout ascend to the rapids.  A cooking spot is near-by the rapids.

Keihärinkoski village provides a lot to see and experience particularly for families with children: Täivuori lookout tower in Luotonsaari offers a great panoramic view in clear weather over the waters surrounding the village. The village also has a beach.

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Keihärinkoski rapids
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