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Huopanankoski rapids

The Huopanankoski rapids are a nationally significant cultural environment and a locally significant cultural landscape. The rapids, in Viitasaari, have become famous through writer Juhani Aho’s work. In the summertime, visitors can enjoy the Huopanankoski exhibition on the history of fishing or take a walk on the nature trail.

The Huopanankoski rapids, between Lakes Kivijärvi and Keitele, are among Finland's most famous trout rapids and have been a destination for recreational fishermen since the 19th century. The rapids are among the elite of fly fishing places.

The area hosts the Huopanankoski Fishing Centre and Fish Market where you find convenience goods, fishing licences and a café (tel. +358 40 189 0862). Near the rapids you will also find a restored fish hatchery, where visitors can explore an exhibition on the history of fishing.

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Huopanankoski rapids
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