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The atmospheric log bungalow has a kitchenette, fridge, electric cooker, microwave oven, coffee maker, basic kitchenware, a TV + digibox, a radio, iron and ironing board, wood-burning stove and a fireplace.

The open-plan living place sleeps four, and the mezzanine floor sleeps 2. Drinking water must be collected from the farm. The running water for washing comes from the lake. The cottage and lake-side sauna both have electricity. The sauna has a wood-burning stove/water tank. The facilities include a boat. You will find a privy and firewood store in the garden.

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Markolantie 5
43900 Kinnula

+358 40 750 8841 +358 14 487 757

moc.liamg @ mjlomamokittikomamoljm


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