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Tuulenpesä is a summer cottage, built in 1990, located on a scenic lake-side plot by Lake Markojärvi.

A 67-m2 cottage for 6 with an open-plan kitchen, fridge-freezer, flat-screen TV and a digibox, radio, basic kitchenware, an electric cooker, dishwasher, microwave oven, coffee maker, bedroom, spare room with a bed, a toilet, electricity, a fireplace and a veranda. A mezzanine floor with 2 beds and a balcony.

You can sit on the veranda and enjoy the sunset. The sandy beach is only 5 metres from the house. There is a boat and a jetty by the lake.

The sauna building (20 m2) has a wood-heated stove, shower and a washing machine.The sauna building also has a lounge with a fireplace, sink and a spare bed for 2. 

The facilities also include a vacuum, ironing and cleaning equipment, a barbeque and a boat.

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Contact information

Markolantie 5
43900 Kinnula

+358 40 750 8841 +358 14 487 758

moc.liamg @ mjlomamokittikomamoljm


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